Government insists Hitler reference not collective stance

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

The Government has insisted that a recent statement made by a State Minister referring to German dictator Adolf Hitler was not a collective stance.

Government spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella told Colombo Gazette that the reference to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Adolf Hitler was a personal opinion of one single ruling party Parliamentarian.

He reiterated that the comment was not the Government’s collective stance and should not be construed as the Government’s perspective.

The Cabinet co-spokesman said the personal opinions of all 225 members of Parliament cannot be taken seriously, as those are personal views.

Minister Rambukwella further said he believes this will not create further friction with the German representative in Sri Lanka.

State Minister of Vehicle Regulation and Bus Transport Service Dilum Amunugama had recently told a media briefing that 6.9 million people voted for the President to act like Hitler.

He further said the reason the Government is getting criticized is because the President is not acting like a dictator.

Responding to his statement, German Ambassador to Sri Lanka Holger Seubert pointed out that Hitler was not a role model for any politician.

“I’m hearing claims that a ‘Hitler” could be beneficial to Sri Lanka. Let me remind those voices that Adolf Hitler was responsible for human suffering and despair beyond imagination, with millions of deaths. Definitely no role model for any politician,” he tweeted. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Amunugama has misunderstood the intentions of the voters. The people want the President to sideline all the paddy cultivators and thieves masquerading as MP’s. The people hoped the raping and pillaging could be eliminated if we only had one man acting in the best interest of the country.

    Mahinda and his gang of thieves have proved that to be a pipe dream.

  2. It’s High time the Government Clamped down on nonsubject-related parliamentarians making personal remarks at public press conferences. at a time when the countries human rights matter is a hot topic of discussion with the UNHRC waiting to pounce on every word and action made by the govt, this is not helping the situation, now is it? this joker should not be allowed to speak to the press period. all questions regarding public matters should be handled by or directed to an official spokesmen/person, fully briefed on the government’s stance on hot topics or he could claim no comment, at this time.
    HiJacking MPs At the gate of a venue and bombarding them with questions which they are not geared to handle should be referred to a press conference regarding that private comments are not warranted as they can be quoted out of context. it’s the right to not just any information but credible information that matters. our image is tarnished by these fools bad enough in parliament, now adding to the list beauty pageant fracas, WWF exhibition deuring rush hour at a major junction in a crowded suburban city by a traffic cop trying to score brownie points, aged politicians challenging each other to a street fight in parliament,……………this definitely is a land like no other. putting it in a popular Sinhala baila song (me rateminissu kelinnema pissu).

  3. Yea, find excuses and cover the damage. A government minister is a public servant. He said this in public and not in private. Hence it cannot be regarded as non-collective. He referred this to the entire 69 L who voted for GR.

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