Police record statements over Mrs. Sri Lanka incident

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

The Police have recorded statements from those involved in the incident that took place at the Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World pageant on Sunday.

The statements were recorded at the Cinnamon Gardens Police in Colombo today.

An officer attached to the Police Station told the Colombo Gazette that the parties involved in the incident arrived with their respective lawyers to record their statements.

The Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World pageant concluded in controversy after current tile holder Caroline Jurie uncrowned the winner of the contest Pushpika De Silva, over allegations of her being divorced.

Jurie announced that a divorced woman cannot contest as per the regulations of the contest, and thereafter crowned the 1st runner up as the winner of the contest.

Pushpika De Silva had issued a statement announcing that she was not divorced, and said legal action will be initiated in this regard.

She thereafter filed a complaint against Caroline Jurie at the Cinnamon Gardens Police.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the pageant have announced that Pushpika will be reinstated as the winner, and the crown will be handed back to her during an event later today. (Colombo Gazette)