B. Braun Lanka partners with the Ministry of Health for “Lead the Way Medical Leadership Program” in Sri Lanka

Aesculap Academy, the learning arm of B. Braun Lanka (a German multinational and one of the world’s largest medical and pharmaceutical device companies) in collaboration with the College of Medical Administrators of Sri Lanka and the Education, Training & Research Unit of the Ministry of Health announced the launch of its “Lead the Way Medical Leadership Program” in Sri Lanka at an Inauguration event at Shangri-La, Colombo on 19 March 2021.

B. Braun Lanka has continued to uphold the standards of the medical industry based on their commitment to better health of people around the world, translating this same mantra through their learning arm – The Aesculap Academy – a leading medical educational forum for all B. Braun customers and healthcare professionals.

Dr. Asela Gunwardene, Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health, stated at the event, “We appreciate that the Aesculap Academy, which is the academic arm of B. Braun, has partnered with the College of Medical Administrators of Sri Lanka, to conduct this series of leadership trainings, paving the path for the present and future medical administrators to “lead the way”.  The Ministry of Health commends also the efforts of the Education, Training & Research Unit of the Ministry, and the Aesculap Academy of B. Braun for their efforts to refine the soft skills of medical professionals during this difficult period. I strongly believe that it is vital for the public and private sectors to collaborate in an efficacious partnership to guarantee the sustainable growth of the health sector, enabling every citizen the right to “achieve the highest possible level of health” as mandated by the World Health Organization.”

Dr. Alan Ludowyke, Secretary to College of Medical Administrators of Sri Lanka, in his remarks said, “B. Braun Sri Lanka has identified the mutual responsibility of the public and private sectors in the public health segment and in collaboration with the College of Medical Administrators of Sri Lanka, the Education, Training and Research Unit of the Ministry of Health, came forward to support this very unique interactive and experiential learning initiative.”

Samantha Senevirathne, Director/Head of Aesculap, on the objective of the programme, stated, “We are passionate about ensuring the efficient and advanced education and training of key stakeholders in the medical profession. It is our prerogative to aid in upgrading their skills in order to attain our end-goal of protecting and improving the health of millions, around the world. In short, our courses offer our participants, Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations, an opportunity for open and constructive dialog in the service of protecting life under the umbrella of Aesculap Academy”.

The program will consist of a six [06] day workshop series that will focus on topics such as Leadership in Times of War, VUCA Leadership, Understanding the Digital Space, Reinventing Healthcare Leadership in Sri Lanka and Emotional Intelligence & Personality Assessment.

In conclusion, Pradeep Amarawardena, Director/CFO noted, “The Academy offers high-tier knowledge-transfer opportunities, through innovative learning methodologies and technologies. The Aesculap Academy has recognized our customers’ evolving educational and training needs and differentiated its course selection accordingly. Medicine is more than a business. Anyone who commits themselves to healthcare accepts a special responsibility. In the spirit of our own dedication to improving medical care our courses, hands-on training sessions and symposia continually reaffirm our company’s commitment to “Sharing Expertise”.

The Aesculap Academy provides course programs ranging from Scientific Educational Courses to Product Trainings, as well as e-learning modules.