UK offers to support Sri Lanka in accountability process

The United Kingdom (UK) has offered to support efforts in Sri Lanka to make meaningful progress on justice, accountability and human rights.

Minister of State for the Commonwealth and United Nations at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Lord Tariq Ahmad said that the UK stands ready to engage constructively in this respect.

He recalled that the UN Human Rights Council concluded its 46th session on Thursday, adopting important resolutions on Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Syria, Iran, Myanmar, Belarus and Georgia, among many other pressing issues.

“I welcome the adoption of the resolution on Sri Lanka. This signals the international community’s continued commitment to post-conflict justice and accountability. It also responds to the deeply concerning report by the High Commissioner who warned that Sri Lanka risked returning to the grave violations of the past,” he said.

Lord Tariq Ahmad said that it is therefore right that the UN should continue its monitoring and collect evidence to support future accountability processes.

As part of the resolution, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is to appoint legal advisors and criminal investigations on Sri Lanka.

The resolution has called on the Office of the High Commissioner to enhance its monitoring and reporting on the situation of human rights in Sri Lanka, including on progress in reconciliation and accountability.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has also been told to present an oral update to the Human Rights Council at its forty-eighth session, and a written update at its forty-ninth session and a comprehensive report that includes further options for advancing accountability at its fifty-first session, both to be discussed in the context of an interactive dialogue.

OHCHR will collect, consolidate, analyse and preserve information and evidence and to develop possible strategies for future accountability processes for gross violations of human rights or serious violations of international humanitarian law in Sri Lanka, advocate for victims and survivors, and support relevant judicial and other proceedings, including in Member States with competent jurisdiction. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Lord Tariq Ahamed, swallow your own crap. Focus your efforts to settle your Countries Human Rights, Justice & accountability for atrocities in Iraq, Libya, Afganistan, Syria and in Africa.
    RETRIBUTION IS ON THE WAY… focus your efforts to overcome. Its not that very far.
    Let Sri Lanka has the last laugh on the Empire where the Sun never dawns.

  2. We cannot permitted UNHRC to be enter Island by violated sovereignty rights of People of Sri lanka Republic at any cost. We are compelled resist of so-called of that “human Rights” manipulated by UNHRC to undermined our People’s Political -Economic Social Rights sovereignty . West of UK Germany and USA are bunch of anti democratic forces are backing Tamil Terrorist and Islam terrorist could be pentread into undermined order of Democratic rule of Governances rule by elected citizens of Lankan.

  3. Many weapon manufacturing countries back terrorists to sell their weapons, without their terror activities there will be no sales for the production. Any government attempts to eradicate terrorism will have to face tough resistance from above weapon manufacturers.

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