Russia to resume flights to Sri Lanka from April

The Russian Government has decided to resume flights to Sri Lanka from April.

A statement issued by the Russian Government said that following a discussion on the epidemiological situation in individual countries and in agreement with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, the Government has decided to resume regular international roundtrip flights with Venezuela (Moscow-Caracas, twice a week); Syria (Moscow-Damascus, once a week); Tajikistan (Moscow-Dushanbe, once a week); Uzbekistan (Moscow-Tashkent, once a week) and Sri Lanka (Moscow-Colombo, once a week) starting April 1, 2021.

On agreement with the aviation authorities in Germany, Moscow will also resume regular roundtrip flights on the following routes: Frankfurt-Moscow, five times a week; St Petersburg-Frankfurt, three times a week; and Moscow-Berlin, five times a week.

In addition, it was decided to increase the number of regular flights to Cuba starting April 1 (up to seven flights a week on the Moscow-Varadero route) and with Belarus (one flight a week on the Kaliningrad-Minsk route, plus one roundtrip flight a week from other Russian international airports, something the Government decided on earlier).

Roundtrip flights will also be increased with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt and the UAE; there will be one flight a week from Russian international airports except Moscow and St Petersburg, based on earlier decisions.

The Response Centre decided to resume international flights from Barnaul, Belgorod, Volgograd, Voronezh, Kaluga, Krasnodar, Lipetsk, Nalchik, Orenburg, Saratov, Sochi, Tyumen and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk starting April 1, 2021, under Government Resolution No. 635-r of March 16, 2020 while observing the sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

The Response Centre reminded foreigners of the requirement to have a negative PCR coronavirus test no earlier than 72 hours before a flight to Russia and to observe the other sanitary and epidemiological requirements established by Russia.

Russian citizens must do a PCR test within 72 hours of arriving in Russia. The centre also reminded everyone of the need to take care of one’s health and refrain from foreign trips whenever possible. (Colombo Gazette)