Maithripala insists he knew nothing prior to the Easter attacks

Former President Maithripala Sirisena today told Parliament that he had not received any information prior to the Easter Sunday attacks in April 2019.

However, he admitted that intelligence information had been received by the authorities prior to the attacks on Easter Sunday.

Speaking during the debate in Parliament on the Easter Sunday attacks, Sirisena said that if he knew about the intelligence information he would have enforced a curfew, protected the churches and taken appropriate action to arrest the bombers and prevent the attacks.

The President said that anyone who says he knew the information and disregarded his responsibilities is mad.

Sirisena said that his own Cabinet Ministers spread fake news about him after the attacks and that was accepted as the truth by society.

The former President also defended his actions after the attacks and before.

Sirisena noted that despite the issues in the Government when he was President, steps were taken to fight drugs smuggling and also ensure reconciliation.

The former President also said that he firmly stood against the Millennium Challenge Corporation agreement despite pressure from the US.

He also said that no one can say that Islamic terrorists will not carry out similar attacks again.

The former President called for strengthening of National security to prevent such attacks in future.

Sirisena also called on the Government to expedite legal action against the suspects linked to the Easter attacks who are now in custody. (Colombo Gazette)