Cashx, the ultimate savior for your online loan requirements

Aren’t you fed up going behind banks asking for your loans? Then why not get your task done at cashx,  one of the major online platforms to provide an online loan in Sri Lanka. Cashx provides online loans, cash loans, and fast cash loan services.Why exactly do you have to use cashx?

Cashx online loan is reliable, profitable, and simple. Unlike banks,

  • Cashx provides the approval within 5 minutes
  • You can request a loan amount of up to 40,000 RS
  • The only requirement is your NIC number
  • In many instances, you can prolong the loan

Online cash loan


The main specialty is cashx provides the online cash loan just in 15 minutes with a 50% discount. As mentioned earlier getting the loan is way too simple. Just three steps away.

  • First, you have to call or leave a request by filling out the forms
  • Second, wait for the decision, not more than one minute of waiting time
  • Third, receive the money you always waited for

Cashx  enables you to pay with a loan scheme with an interest rate of 15.8 to 18.1% per month

(maximum APR 216.12%)

Now you must be wondering in what situations an online loan will assist you?

  • There might be a situation where you are away from your home in another city or a vacation
  • You might get delayed wages and lacks funds for everyday expenses
  • You might get an urgent need to buy something but there is no time to go home for cash

In such cases, the need for money is quick. And since borrowing from someone known is not always a possible method. This is where cashx becomes your ultimate savior.

Cash loans

Earlier as to obtain a cash loan you had to go to the bank, stand in a long line and even provide paper documents. But ultimately now you are free from all of this. Cash is there to assist you to obtain the loan even without leaving the house.

You can apply a cash amount of up to 40,000 RS at cashx. If you are an adult citizen in Sri Lanka, cashx only requirement is to provide your NIC, passport, or driving license. Unlike banks, you don’t have to provide an income statement to Cashx.

So how is the money issued to the card?

Like this:

  • Create your personal space on the cashx;
  • Sign the loan contract with the company.

It is worth applying for a loan online because,

You will be able to apply for the loan anywhere and anytime and you will be getting the cash to your card and do not want to possess a large amount of cash at hand.

Fast cash loan

You must be wondering what this is?  If it is a bank the normal procedure will be, waiting till the application is considered and waiting til the approval of the income statement.

But at cashx

You will be able to get a quick fast loan in cashx

  • In 15 to 30 minutes the approval of the first application will be given, from the second and further in 5 to 15 minutes
  • Your intended money amount will be on your card within one hour from your first call, from the second call, and further within 20 to 40 minutes
  • Cash always works around the clock to serve you the best service

The common requirements for when requesting a loan online, cash loan, or fast cash loan at cash  are

  • Being a citizen of age 20 to 60 years
  • You have to fill in your information correctly and precisely
  • The telephone number you will be using must be registered under your name
  • Providing the number of your landline is a must
  • Ultimately provide a photo of your NIC, driving license, or passport.

Finally, your intended amount will be yours within minutes. So grasp this opportunity at cashx.