Minister assures all madrasas in Sri Lanka will not be banned

Minister of Public Security Rear Admiral (Rtd) Sarath Weerasekara assured Parliament today that all madrasas in Sri Lanka will not be banned.

He said that only madrasas which violate the National education policy will be banned.

“Any madrasa which only teaches religion and language for children between the ages of 5-16 will be banned,” he said.

The Minister said that Muslim groups and organisations are supportive of his decision.

Sarath Weerasekara had said recently that there are over 2000 madrasas in Sri Lanka.

He had said that no one can open a school in Sri Lanka and teach what they want.

The Minister said that all local schools must follow the National education policy.

As a result, Weerasekara said that over 1000 madrasas in Sri Lanka will be banned. (Colombo Gazette)