Ezoref launches Seceon for delivering ‘Comprehensive Cybersecurity for the Digital Era’

Ezoref Technologies, a leading valued added distributor in the fast-burgeoning ICT arena recently introduced Seceon to its portfolio of products to further reinforce comprehensive cyber security in the digital era.

Seceon goes beyond the traditional approach of employing silo solutions to build a comprehensive security posture for an organisation. With a clear vision of delivering and solving the biggest cybersecurity challenges faced by digitisation, Seceon has pioneered the industry’s fully automated platform empowering enterprises and MSSPs to achieve continuous real-time monitoring, proactive detection and auto stopping the threats and breaches “CMDS”

The Seceon OTM platform is built of fast bigdata streaming micro-services architecture, which scales horizontally and processes billions of events for machine learning, patented driven threat models and AI with actionable intelligence to proactively detect multi-steps and multi-vectors threats and stops them in real time.

“Expanding on our current reach of solutions, the addition of Seceon provides Ezoref with a unique and cutting-edge product that will further secure the users of our local market. With the increasing complexity of cyber-attacks, it is of paramount importance that our customers’ networks, applications and services are safeguarded by AI and ML driven, state-of-the-art technology to have the confidence to continue to propel their businesses. Seceon will give our clientele the vote of confidence in keeping with their ethos of Comprehensive Cybersecurity for the Digital-Era”, said Chetiya Wijeratne, CEO for Ezoref Technologies

“Security is not a problem of bigger organisations only but of any kind of digital organisation. Businesses must be digital and open all the time for business today and Covid-19 has created additional urgency. Digitalisation has provided threat actors with bigger opportunities to breach more organisations and automation created by threat actors with multi-steps attacks has made most of traditional security solutions irrelevant. Organisations are forced to look for comprehensive solutions with real time visibility, proactive detection of threats and eliminate and contain them to keep organisations focused on core business”, added Chandra Pandey, Founder & CEO of Seceon Inc.