Opening a CDBiDeposit is now at your fingertips

Citizens Development Business Finance PLC introduced CDBiDeposit a fully-fledged digital financial feature that allows anyone with a CDB savings account along with the CDBiNet digital financial service to open a fixed deposit with a minimum of Rs. 5000 from any convenient location with any available smart device. CDB’s digital fixed deposit CDBiDeposit is geared to further strengthen the company’s focus on empowering a smarter and sustainable Sri Lanka by enabling people to live a smart life and is a key feature available through CDB’s digital financial platform, CDBiNet.

Digital transformation is of pivotal importance especially during this time when the entire world is facing an unprecedented pandemic that requires minimum physical interaction. In this context, CDBiDeposit allows CDB customers to place a fixed deposit anytime, anywhere, even from the comfort and safety of their home, using any computer, laptop or mobile device.

Moreover, CDBiDeposit ensures customer pain points during these times of caution are addressed including enabling them to avoid extensive visits to financial institutions, physical cash handling and strenuous documentation processes, thereby further establishing customer wellbeing and safety. The feature is designed to allow customers to choose the fixed deposit tenure, choose if they want to receive the interest monthly or on maturity and choose the maturity term as they would do in person when opening a fixed deposit from the comfort of their home through CDBiDeposit.

Sharing his thoughts on the launch, Karthik Elangovan, Executive Director/ Chief Emergent Business Officer, CDB said “Through CDBiDeposit, customers can open a fixed deposit with just Rs. 5000, enhancing the customer saving capacity. CDB believes in empowering the aspirations by encouraging everyone to invest in their future starting with an amount they are comfortable with. Through CDBiDeposit, CDB hopes to especially inculcate the habit of saving among the younger generation of Sri Lanka and encourage them to start building bridges to accomplish their future ambitions.”

CDBiDeposit is yet another special feature within CDB’s digital financial platform CDBiNet. CDBiNet is a complete digital financial platform that entirely eliminates the need for customers to visit a branch. Other special features within this digital platform include CDBiTransfer, through which customers can easily transfer cash with a simple click, including fund transfers on social media platforms without the need to provide recipient bank details, utility bill payments, lease rentals, and insurance premium payments. Customers can register with CDBiNet with a few clicks with no registration fee and experience a host of exceptional benefits. More information on these products and services can be found by visiting or by calling on 117 388 388.

Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) is a public quoted corporate leader positioned among the Top Five Largest Non-Banking Financial Institutions in Sri Lanka with an island-wide presence, driven by a state of the art technological platform that has revolutionized the way financial transactions are performed in Sri Lanka.