Sri Lanka and Japan discuss death of woman in detention

Sri Lanka and Japan have discussed the death of a Sri Lankan woman while in detention in Japan.

The matter was discussed at a meeting between Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena and Japanese Ambassador Akira Sugiyama.

The Foreign Ministry said that Gunawardena and Ambassador Sugiyama discussed the situation involving the death of a 33 year old Sri Lankan female who died while in detention in Japan.

The 33-year-old Sri Lankan woman died of emaciation on March 6, after requesting provisional release and expressing a desperate desire for food in notes and letters.

“I truly want to eat now,” she wrote in hiragana in a note while under detention at a facility operated by the Immigration Services Agency of Japan’s Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau.

The facility houses foreigners who have overstayed their visas.

According to a group supporting foreigners, START, the woman became unable to eat and walk due to the extreme stress and deteriorating health she suffered while under custody.

The woman’s health condition was so dire, she brought a bucket to vomit in if needing to do so when START members visited her at the facility, according to the group.

A copy of a document submitted to immigration authorities in December showed that she was requesting provisional release as immigration officials denied her access to medical care.

“I want to go to a hospital to receive an intravenous drip, but immigration authorities would not take me,” she said in the document.

In response to the woman’s death, Justice Minister Yoko Kamikawa, who has oversight of the agency, said on March 9 that the ministry is investigating the case. (Colombo Gazette)


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