Sri Lanka accuses UK, Canada and Germany of concealing the truth

Sri Lanka has accused the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany of concealing the truth.

Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said that the allegations of human rights abuses in Sri Lanka by several countries including the UK, Canada and Germany is an action taken for political purposes, by concealing the truth.

A vote is scheduled to be held on 22 March 2021 on the allegations made by several countries against Sri Lanka, at the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva.

Responding to a question raised by journalists at the Foreign Ministry in this regard today, the Minister pointed out that it is not the responsibility of an internationally recognized Human Rights Council to accuse or take a vote on the internal affairs of our country.

“Over the years, various allegations have been levelled against our country, alleging human rights abuses. We have been cautious about this. After our Government was elected, a Presidential Commission has been appointed to investigate human rights allegations,” he said.

The Minister said that funds have been allocated from the budget to activate the Office on Missing Persons.

He said that while the present Government was taking a number of such positive steps, it was not fair to ignore it and accuse Sri Lanka repeatedly in various manners at the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

“We try to defeat the false accusations levelled against us. Many friendly countries have joined hands with us in this. We hope that India too, will support us this time.”, said Minister Gunawardena.

The resolution on Sri Lanka on which a vote will be taken on 22 March 2021 was presented to the Council by the Core Group on Sri Lanka, which includes the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sri Lanka’s war crimes accusation is not even close compared to the atrocities committed by the British (Invasion of North America and Australasia on genocides) and Nazis. However, Sri Lanka can only accuse the West, but cannot put the pressure on the West or rule them. Because the South Asian leaders’ minds and hearts are darker than their skin colour.

  2. There is no decency shown to the truth, Mr. Minister.
    leave it to the Nature’s Fury. It will catch up with them before long.

    • Leave it to the nature’s fury even though South Asia has two billion people. This is the difference between wise and fools.

      The West is deliberately encouraging uncontrollable population in the developing countries by promoting religious freedom and democracy. Because it creates internal rifts while the massive population fights among themselves to get access to limited resources. This keeps the people away from acquiring the knowledge but battling to get access to limited resources to overcome the poverty. This makes easier for the West to dominate or divide and conquer the developing countries.

      The climate change experts would not talk about the uncontrollable population in South Asia and how much emissions have been created by two billion people, because they don’t want to expose the West’s tricks. In India almost every vote has been bought on bribe but the West would not complain, this makes it clear the West’s real motive behind the religious freedom and democracy campaigns. South Asians only do one part of democracy correctly which is multiplying in billions. Every other part of democracy has utterly failed in South Asia, but the West would not complain about it, because the Western dominant power is intact.

      The West has been tricking the developing countries for many generations, those countries simply can not come out of the western myth. However, the West is paying a high price through bushfires. The West exports coal to provide energy for uncontrollable populations to keep its dominant power, by doing such things the West is creating more emissions. Environmentally speaking, Australia is going backward since convicts invaded the country.

  3. Mr. Minister, have you no conscience or shame to blatantly accuse and trying to fool the multilateral forum of UNHRC? Are you drawing so much confidence that the Sri Lankan voters who gave us this government of thugs, thieves, and murderers will continue to support your government at home? Birds of the same feather flock together. And pay the price together. Karma will catch up.


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