Revised quarantine procedure for travellers issued

The Ministry of Health has issued a revised quarantine procedure for travellers, including vaccinated travellers.

The revised procedure is for Sri Lankans, including dual citizens, and foreigners.

Accordingly, passengers arriving in Sri Lanka two weeks after being vaccinated can go home after undergoing a PCR test within 24 hours after arriving in the country and receiving the test result.

The passenger must be transferred to a quarantine center or quarantine hotel until the result of the PCR test is received.

The passenger can then be discharged and allowed to travel home but keep the area Medical Officer of Health informed.

However, the passengers must undergo a repeat PCR test on day seven after arriving in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, passengers who have not been vaccinated must be quarantined at a quarantine center or quarantine hotel for seven days. A PCR test must be carried out on the first and seventh day on the passenger and if the results are negative they can be discharged on the seventh day.

The passengers not vaccinated must, however, complete the remaining seven days of the 14 days quarantine at home under the supervision of the area Medical Officer of Health.


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