Details being collected of private sector employees who lost their jobs

The Labour Ministry has taken measures to assist private sector employees who had lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ministry has requested private sector employees who have lost their jobs or been dismissed due to the pandemic to inform the Ministry.

The affected parties can contact the Ministry via the hotline 0112 368 502 or email: for further information.

They have been requested to send in their employment details, including details of the company, service period, and salary, to the Labour Ministry before 1 April.

The Ministry has instructed affected private sector employees to post the details to the Labour Commissioner, at the 11th Floor, Labour Ministry, Colombo 5.

A number of private sector employees lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic since March 2020.

The Government urged the private sector to refrain from dismissing employees and to pay 50% of the salary as a temporary measure. (Colombo Gazette)