Herd immunity helps contain infections in Colombo

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

Herd immunity has partially helped contain Covid infections in Colombo, the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) said.

Chief Medical Officer of the CMC Dr. Ruwan Wijeyamuni told Colombo Gazette that the coronavirus infection is well controlled in Colombo at present.

He said this may be partially due to the herd immunity that has been observed within the District.

Dr. Wijeyamuni said some people had unknowingly contracted the virus and had remained asymptomatic. These people had naturally developed antibodies and had fought off the virus.

He said therefore, a high rate of antibodies in people have also helped contain the COVID-19 infection in Colombo.

Dr. Wijeyamuni pointed out that earlier, 50 people out of 250 PCR samples would test positive for COVID-19 on a daily basis in Colombo.

He said however, at present only one or two individuals test positive out of 250 PCR samples and this shows a drop in the spread of the infection.

Commenting on the vaccination programme, Dr. Wijeyamuni said the CMC hopes to vaccinate 100% of the population in Colombo above the age of 60.

He further said that he is also aiming at vaccinating close 70-80% of the population in Colombo above the age of 30.

Dr. Ruwan Wijeyamuni said that by doing so the transmission of the virus could be well contained. (Colombo Gazette)