IIHE partners with UNIVISER to transform the new student experience

With 25 years of dedication to providing quality higher education to aspiring students, the Imperial Institute of Higher Education (IIHE) has undertaken innovative steps to raise the standards of higher education in Sri Lanka. IIHE has been at the forefront of providing students study programs recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC) Sri Lanka across an array of study paths offered by prestigious international universities. IIHE has produced more than 1,000 MBA and B.Sc. graduates since its inception.

In a bold step that seeks to revolutionise the expanded reach to the prospects for higher education in Sri Lanka and the region, IIHE recently announced its partnership with UNIVISER, a pioneering digital platform that uses groundbreaking peer-to-peer technology to connect prospective students with a university’s current student ambassadors.

As generations of younger students begin opting for more tech-driven methods and peer-based recommendations to inform decision making, IIHE’s initiative to partner with UNIVISER enables their prospective students to instantly connect with high-achieving students at the institution. This helps students wishing to enrol at IIHE’s degree programs to gain in-depth knowledge of the modules taught within each program, as well as general knowledge about teacher quality, classmates, and the overall collegial atmosphere. As institutions around the globe struggle to respond to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the partnership highlights the promise in boldly adopting innovative technologies to provide new opportunities to engage a university’s stakeholders, both safely and effectively.

Eraj Abeywardena, Course Director at IIHE stated, “Purchase decisions are increasingly made after verifying the experiences of previous consumers. Keeping in line with this trend we at IIHE chose to partner with UNIVISER to allow our students to share their learning experience with the prospective students. We have done this so that we are convinced and confident that what we offer is the top-of-the-shelf product.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with IIHE to bring this revolutionary new technology to their current and prospective students at a time when the value of peer to peer networking in the higher education industry is growing by leaps and bounds.” Ismail Sadurdeen, Founder and CEO of UNIVISER added.

IIHE provides undergraduate and postgraduate education at an affordable price for aspiring local students in Sri Lanka to be completed at the prestigious UK, University of Wales. To learn more, visit www.iihe.lk or email iihe.inq@iihe.lk.

UNIVISER is a Singaporean and Sri Lankan-based tech startup that has pioneered the peer-to-peer digital networking platform which enables prospective students to connect with current students and alumni of universities and institutions. To learn more, visit https://www.univiser.io/ or contact hello@univiser.io