Clickastro launches its full-length horoscope report in Sinhala

The report is available on the Clickastro website for INR 999/- (approximately LKR 2700)

Clickastro, one of the pioneering names in online astrology services in India has launched its in-depth Horoscope report in Sinhala. The report is based on the age-old concepts of Vedic Astrology.

Clickastro has been the flag-bearer since its inception in promoting Vedic astrology knowledge not just in India but around the globe. The in-depth horoscope report in Sinhala, launched in February this year, is a detailed report discussing all aspects of one’s life at length. The report is generated based on the Sinhala chart style, which is specific to the local community­. The report helps one understand the various hidden factors regarding one’s life and character. It also gives the user guidelines for leading a safe and successful life.

Astrology guides people to move in the right direction. It deals with different elements of human life, such as parenting, career, marriage, family, kids, health, finance, etc. In recent times, astrology has gained importance as many are turning to it for answers about their uncertain future.

Speaking on the announcement Arjun Ravindran, Managing Director, Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt Ltd said, “We are living in an uncertain world, the current global situation has led to a lot of assumptions and for this reason there are many people that are resorting to astrology as a guiding force. We at Clickastro understand the importance of providing people with some certainty in life, therefore we are making sure that our in-depth reports are accessible to the people of Sri Lanka without any language constraints as we already have the astrological content in both Tamil and English.”

Thousands of Sinhalese users who visit Clickastro website had to choose from either the English or Tamil reports till now. But with the increased demands for vernacular reports, the decision was made to bring out the report in Sinhalese.

The horoscope report highlights one’s strengths, weaknesses, and hidden aspects of their personality that may improve and enhance self-confidence. It can also help a person prepare for future possibilities and make the most of the opportunities one may encounter. The report is priced at Rs. 999/-, which is approximately LKR 2700.

The Sinhala language has been added in the iOS version of the ‘LifeSign ME ‘Standard’ app which was launched in January 2020. Apart from Sinhala, the app provides reports in English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali and Oriya, and has the North Indian, South Indian, Bengali and Sri Lankan chart formats. The various features of the app include reports based on Paryantardasha, Kujadosha check and remedies, Ashtakavarga, yogas, Panchang prediction, transit predictions, birth star features and remedies, doshas and remedies, favourable periods, variety of charts, Shodashvarga, Sayana and NirayanaLongitude of planets, planetary analysis, Vargottama and Vargabheda,  Jaimini system, Ayanamsa options.