Lazy mornings at Hilton Colombo

Hilton Colombo is launching ‘all day breakfast’ on the 6th of March at Graze Kitchen. Themed “Lazy Jazz & All-Day Breakfast”, guests can simply chill out and spend a lazy few hours grazing over breakfast on Saturdays from 9am to 3pm, whilst enjoying light jazz.

Executive Chef Robert Mujagic explains the menu as being one with variety, taste and colour.  “My team and I have curated a menu which will include a cross section of breakfast items and more from different parts of the world.  Starting from our country, you will find the traditional     Sri Lankan favorites like fresh crispy hoppers with various combinations like kiri appa, pani appa, string hoppers, pittu, milk rice, rotis and of course all the clay pot curries and condiments that go along with it.  Our Indian corner will feature fresh Dosas prepared a la minute, Idly, poori, curries, rotis and even biriyani!  From the West, a range of our home made artisanal sausages, different types of egg preparations, bacon, freshly baked croissants, Danishes, muffins, waffles, pancakes, breads, cereals, jams, cheese board and a whole lot more.  There will also be a Japanese corner, Turkish cuisine, Asian favorites like curry Laksa, dim sum on wheels to name a few inclusive of desserts ranging from a chocolate mini buffet to hot desserts, ice cream bar etc. When you are through it all, I can guarantee, you will not miss having lunch!”  The all-day breakfast buffet is priced at Rs 3388nett. per person.

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