Fitzky – fitness app for a fitter Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka-based Tech Company – Fitzky, announced the expansion of their mobile application offering in 2021, in order to cater to growing customer needs with the recent changes in social behaviour and need for home workouts/ coaching.

The app which was originally launched in mid 2019 – previously provided users with a comprehensive list of on-going fitness options – such as access to Gyms & Fitness Classes such as  yoga, crossfit, zumba, etc. The second phase app development – which is a resultant of the change in trends and fitness needs due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic – now provides users with a one-stop shop for all fitness and coaching needs, bringing a range of online features such as Live Group Fitness Classes, Live One-to-One Training & also access to Coaches who would support with workout plans,  diet plans and guide you as a real fitness coach.

Speaking with Founder, CEO – Shehan Adikari stated “I started Fitzky with the vision of making fitness accessible and affordable to everyone. Currently fitness is perceived to be a luxury and not a part of everyone’s daily lifestyle. I believed Fitzky would play a pivotal role in making Sri Lanka a healthy and fit nation, removing the stigma that fitness is limited to the elite, alone. In almost two [02] years we are now well on our way to making this dream a reality.”

Fitzky currently is used by over 10,000 mobile users and has seen an increase of 60% in 2020. The app provides users with access to over 300 trainers, coaches and fitness providers, enabling users to follow their fitness goals whilst in the safety of their own home. Users now have access to online group fitness classes (in-app video), customised diet plans, one-on-one in-app chat options with trainers, etc. The app also allows for safe and secure payments – with all services being offered to users at an affordable price.

Concluding, Chief Technical Officer, Fitzky – Mario Lakshan Jayasinghe noted “We are pleased to drive the digital transformation of Sri Lanka’s fitness industry, bringing businesses and communities together. With the expansion of services as a response to the increase in home workouts, as well as the need for tech-oriented efficiencies – the aim of the Fitzky app is to allow users to stay in touch with a trainer until they reach their fitness goals. Making fitness accessible, affordable and convenient”.

The Fitzky app is expected to launch corporate packages in a bid to spearhead fitness in the public and private sectors; and will soon be offered as a value added service for corporates via insurance providers.


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