The Buzz Outlet & DBC: Launches Sri Lankan’s first digital business card

The Buzz Outlet along with its collaborative Australian partners Sailax introduced their digital business card app to the Sri Lankan market. This app comes in a time where contactless solutions are key for the survival of businesses. The Buzz Outlet hence collaborated with Sailax to introduce this app as an asset to the Sri Lankan market.

Speaking with Ajay Sharma, Managing Director of Sailax Group on the product introduction, noted “Statistically, 8 out of 10 people discard business cards in less than a week, even if they may require them in the future. With over 8 billion cards discarded in a year without use, we believed that a change for a more sustainable, effective solution was needed. Thus, the innovative digital business card which aids in cost-saving spent in designing, printing, storing and deploying cards, as well as more importantly saves the environment.”

The DBC app is a virtual platform that allows you to design your own unique digital business card. The solution eliminates your need to stock business cards when in need of services, aids to store a lot more information than just a paper business card – unlimited images/ videos/ proposals and offers a zero-carbon footprint for sustainability measures. It is so versatile that it allows for real time updates. A normal update on regular business cards would have resulted in wastage of printing resources and additional expenses incurred due to reprinting. Hence this is not just a virtual solution but also an environmentally friendly solution.

Co-founder, Dhanuke Panditharatne of The Buzz Outlet (Pvt) Ltd, a consultant with over 15 years of professional experience in the IT industry explains that, “It is vital that we provide businesses with holistic solutions for its sustainability in the long run. We equip businesses with solutions that are flexible and quick to incorporate with the ad hoc market trends. This pandemic is a prime example of how many businesses were hurt as a result of its inability to keep up with the evolving market trends”.

Concluding, Ian Wickremasinghe, Co- founder, The Buzz Outlet (Pvt) Ltd  “We aim to equip Sri Lankan entrepreneurs and businessmen with a platform that will help them connect hassle-free, as well as cut overhead expenses. This is an eco-friendly solution that also makes weight for your organization’s social responsibility. We make your business cards smarter – whilst making a positive impact on green solutions and sustainability”.

This app enables the transition from a physical environment to a digital environment and helps clients connect better with their customers. This mobile app is subscription based and only costs USD 20 annually. It is available on both the App Store and Google Play. For more information regarding special pricing plans for Sri Lankan corporates please contact “The Buzz Outlet”.