Sri Lanka raises strong objections with UNHRC President  

By Easwaran Rutnam 

Sri Lanka has raised strong objections with the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), accusing the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) of disregarding a request to publish the response of the Government to a damning report formally submitted to the Council last week.

In a letter to the President of the  UN Human Rights Council, Nazhat Shameem, Sri Lanka notes that OHCHR had published an advance unedited version of its report on Sri Lanka in the list of documents for the forty-sixth session of the Council, in disregard of the Permanent Mission’s request to publish the Government’s comments alongside the OHCHR report in the form of an addendum.

C.A. Chandraprema, the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations Office at Geneva said in the letter that on 27 January 2021, the Government of Sri Lanka, upon a request made by OHCHR, shared its comments on the advance unedited version of the report of OHCHR on Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka had requested that the comments be published as an addendum to the OHCHR report, with a view to upholding the integrity between the report and the comments by the State concerned and in the interest of providing equal visibility to the latter.

“However, I regret to note that, only a few hours after making the above request, OHCHR proceeded to publish an advance unedited version of its report on Sri Lanka in the list of documents for the forty-sixth session of the Council, in disregard of the Permanent Mission’s request to publish the Government’s comments alongside the OHCHR report in the form of an addendum,” Chandraprema said.

Chandraprema further notes that days after the publication of the OHCHR report and the issuance of a press release, two twitter messages and a video thereon and pursuant to inquiries made by the Permanent Mission, OHCHR informed via email that, according to the Human Rights Council secretariat, comments and observations on reports of the High Commissioner cannot be published as addenda, and can only be published as government communications.

“You would agree that if any United Nations entity, including OHCHR, publishes a report about a Member State, such a report should be accompanied by the observations made by the State concerned as an addendum so that other Member States can read both sides of the story and form an informed opinion about the contents of the report concerned. Publishing the response of Sri Lanka on a different webpage dedicated to government communications in no way serves this objective,” Chandraprema said in the letter.

He says the blackout imposed on the observations made by Sri Lanka has created a situation where the narrative of only one side is disseminated to the public, while the Government’s opportunity of being heard has been effectively vitiated. (Courtesy Daily Mirror)


  1. “The Muslim Voice” has written to the Chair/Commissioner of the UNHRC in Geneva and asked the following:

    Madam. Michelle Bachelet
    United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

    Why has United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights “NOT” called for an International Criminal Court investigation to come under the microscope at the UNHRC into Rights violations of the Sri Lankan Muslim Community of the North and Eastern Provinces during the separatist war perpetrated by the LTTE, LTTE supportive Tamil government Officials, and Tamil politicians who aided and abetted and supported the killings of hundreds of Muslims in the Eastern province while they were performing their prayers in mosques, to ensure justice for those civilians killed?
    Noor Nizam.
    Convener “The Muslim Voice”.

  2. Sri Lanka has wrongly asked the UNHRC to include the comments of GSL on OHCHR report as an addendum, when it should not be done so, but rightly included in the web page allocated to SL.

    What objective is not served as Chandraperuma of SL “barks” at UNHRC?

    As Usual, cheating and telling lies by SL for the past 6 years is very obvious from its failure. It is very well documented in the OHCHR report, let alone dehumanisation of Tamils and refusing to address the matter of Tamils disappeared, tortured and murdered by occupying racist government soldiers in the North and East, the traditional homeland of Tamils.

    It is this disinformation of SL that is very serious and uncivilised, corrupting the presence of Truth on Tamil issues in SL at UNHRC. SL presents not the Truth, but true lies beyond facts, to support hatred and racism against Tamils, which is preventing justice, arrest of war criminal soldiers, and the rightful Self determination and freedom of Tamils.

    It is time for The UNHRC to understand the games SL plays at UNHRC. Obviously, nothing short of recognising the Self Determination and sovereignty of Tamil Elam in the island, like it was done in East Timor, that will pave the way for the dignity of Tamils and peace in the island

    We understand the racist narrative of SL against Tamils. Depending on facts is being shown as not fair to the facts.

    • It was a war ! Get that into your sanctimonious brain Justin. The greatest praise for the Sri Lankan army comes not only from the East but also the North; with the exception of a small body of Diaspora funded puppets. Speak to the Tamils on the ground and get the facts.

      It is the continuing Diaspora campaign of disinformation, manipulation, and undermining of the Sri Lankan government that is preventing reconciliation. If trust is non-existent then progress is impossible.

      Unfortunately John Lennon’s immortal cry to “Give Peace a Chance” is redundant in Sri Lanka, because vested interests have too much to lose. If the truth be told, the ordinary people in the villages have already embraced it (peace), and the impotency of the Diaspora on the ground in Sri Lanka is plain to see.

      Who will prosecute the LTTE for the war crimes committed by them ? And where do we start ?

      • Get this through your delusional head Gabriella… Remember the how the voters of the North and East voted in the last presidential election as well as the parliamentary election?… Maybe paying attention to facts is not your forte.
        Please spare us the lies and the nonsensical propaganda

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