Health officials dismiss claims chips inserted through Covid jab

Health officials today dismissed claims that chips are being inserted into the public through Covid jabs.

Dr. Dhanusha Dassanayake, Consultant Immunologist at the Medical Research Institute said that there was a myth that vaccines given to the public for the coronavirus had micro chips in them.

She said that the myth was created after a statement made by American business magnate and software developer Bill Gates was misunderstood.

Dr. Dhanusha Dassanayake said that Gates had spoken of the need to issue a digital certificate when vaccinating the public.

She said that the statement was misunderstood by some as an attempt to implant a chip using the vaccine jab.

Dr. Dhanusha Dassanayake said that there are a group of people who oppose vaccinations.

She noted that these people attempt to mislead others to prevent them from obtaining the vaccine. (Colombo Gazette)


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