Mövenpick Colombo first five-star city hotel to open for foreign travellers

Mövenpick Hotel Colombo has become the first five-star city hotel in Colombo to open for foreign travellers.

In a statement issued today, the hotel said that as a programme to revive tourism once again in Sri Lanka, the Mövenpick Hotel Colombo has been awarded the “Safe & Secure Level 1 Hotel” certification.

It is also the only five-star establishment in the city to have been awarded this recognition and the hotel will therefore accept foreign travellers.

The Mövenpick Hotel Colombo has been audited by KPMG, an independent auditing firm, and has met the requirements of the COVID-19 health protocols.

The hotel says it will always continue to maintain the highest operational standards when accepting foreign travel.

This programme also means that all public areas will be restricted and will be accessible only to their in-house guests to ensure the safety of everyone.

Under the “Safe and Secure Level 1 Hotel programme”, guests will not be subjected to a restrictive quarantine period or a minimum stay requirement.

All facilities will be available during their stay, including the infinity sky pool, Vistas Rooftop, the Sky Fitness Gym and restaurants. In addition, guests will be permitted to visit approved sites under the safety of a bio-bubble.

In addition to tourists visiting via the tourism route, the Mövenpick Hotel Colombo will welcome dual citizens, spouses under foreign nationals and paid commercial passengers with foreign passports and Sri Lankan passport holders with a permanent residence visa traveling together with their immediate family holding foreign passports via the above mentioned route.

Earlier, only hotels outside Colombo were awarded the “Safe & Secure Level 1 Hotel” certification. (Colombo Gazette)