Key suspect in Thajudeen murder case Anura Senanayake dies

Controversial policeman and key suspect in the Wasim Thajudeen murder case, former Senior Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police Anura Senanayake, passed away today.

Senanayake had been accused of withholding evidence in the murder of rugger player Wasim Thajudeen.

The former DIG had reportedly been battling an illness for a prolonged period.

Senanayake was accused of having screened evidence pertaining to the Thajudeen case, knowing or having reason to believe that an offence has been committed and providing false information concealing the offender from legal punishment.

The Attorney General had in 2019 indicted the former Senior DIG under Section 198 of the Penal Code.

Thajudeen’s corpse was found inside his burnt car by the parapet wall of Shalika Grounds in Narahenpita on 12 May 2012. In the beginning of the investigations it was ruled an accident but it was later revealed that the death was due to murder.

DIG Senanayake was arrested over the murder but was released on bail after serving a year in remand custody. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. According to Media He was never a Key suspect or a suspect. He was asked to give evidence as he was the DIG in charge of the Division. It is totally erroneous to Highlight him as a suspect in your headlines.

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