Cabinet approval sought to enforce ban on burqa

The Government is considering enforcing a ban on the burqa, Justice Minister Ali Sabry said today.

Ali Sabry said that Cabinet approval has been sought for the ban on the burqa.

The Justice Minister said the Government is looking to ban full face coverings in public places.

He insisted that the move is not an attempt to target any community but is in the best interest of National security.

Emergency regulations were enforced following the Easter Sunday attacks in April 2019 imposing a ban on clothing that conceals the face.

Human rights groups had however raised concerns with Amnesty International’s Deputy South Asia Director, Dinushika Dissanayake, saying back then that at a time when many Muslims in Sri Lanka feared a backlash, imposing a ban that effectively targets women wearing a face veil for religious reasons risks stigmatizing them.

Dissanayake said that where there are legitimate security concerns, the authorities can carry out identity checks when objectively necessary. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Any outward appearance that differentiate an individual or group from others based on religion or race must be banned in public places, universities and schools; any exception will be hard to keep the country safe from criminals, drug traffickers, terrorists and other perpetrators. The leaders should not encourage individualistic ideology based on religion or race which creates divisions, hatred and great challenge to security officers to monitor suspects.

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