Public urged to get vaccinated to ensure protection from new variants

The public have been urged to get vaccinated to be protected from the coronavirus, including from the new variants.

The Sri Lanka Medical Association said that the mode of spread of new variants is similar to the virus already in Sri Lanka.

These new variants may have the ability to be more infectious and therefore will spread
the infection more quickly among the community.

SLMA President Dr. Padma Gunaratne said that when more people are infected, more patients will develop symptoms and complications and that will lead to death.

“Same public health measures currently recommended namely wearing face masks
correctly and consistently, social distancing (more than 1 meter), avoiding crowded
places and taking sanitary measures (frequent hand washing) are equally effective in
prevention of transmission of new variants and should be practised at all times,” Dr. Padma Gunaratne said.

Dr. Gunaratne also said that the alarming increase recently in the number of new cases is most probably due to ignoring of these precautions.

The SLMA says vaccination is the only weapon available at present to bring the pandemic including the infection with new variants, under control.

The vaccine currently in use adequately covers new mutants as well. Even the South African strain, not detected in Sri Lanka so far, is known to be covered to a great extent by the vaccine.

Therefore, SLMA says when the vaccine is offered, it is best that all eligible, take the vaccine as it reduces the severity of the illness and prevent deaths. (Colombo Gazette)