Decision to vaccinate Sanath Jayasuriya being looked into

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

The decision to vaccinate former Sri Lanka cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya is being looked into.

Concerns were raised last week after photographs emerged of Sanath Jayasuriya receiving the Covid jab.

When asked by Colombo Gazette as to how Jayasuriya was among those to be given priority for the vaccine, Army Commander General Shavendra Silva said the matter is being looked into.

He told Colombo Gazette that Jayasuriya may have been included if he was found to be in an area demarcated as vulnerable.

The Army Commander explained that a small group of people such as frontline health workers, military, police, and people who constantly interact with the public, such as Parliamentarians and others, have been identified as vulnerable groups.

General Shavendra Silva said a strategy has been implemented to identify vulnerable groups and carry out the vaccination process.

Under the strategy, the National Operations Centre for the Prevention of COVID-19 (NOCPC) has implemented a system to identify vulnerable groups.

He said areas that pose a high risk for the spread of the coronavirus have been demarcated as vulnerable areas under the system.

As per this, people from the vulnerable areas have been selected to receive the Oxford AstraZeneca Covieshield vaccine.

Areas marked as high- risk and vulnerable areas range from Grama Seva Divisions to towns, the head of the NOCPC said.

The Army Commander said nearly 70%, which is the majority, are from these vulnerable areas and are selected to receive the vaccine.

General Shavendra Silva said people above the age of 30 will be vaccinated under this programme. (Colombo Gazette)