India yet to formally respond to Sri Lanka’s request for support in Geneva

India is yet to formally respond to Sri Lanka’s request for support at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva.

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Secretary Jayanath Colombage told a private television station today that Sri Lanka had dispatched a special request letter to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said that Sri Lanka had requested Modi for India’s support at the upcoming UNHRC session in Geneva.

However, Colombage said that India has yet to formally respond to the request.

He said that despite certain incidents which took place in recent days Sri Lanka is confident India will give a positive response.

The Core Group on Sri Lanka intends to present a resolution to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to promote reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has been lobbying for support against the resolution from Asian countries and others.

However, Sri Lanka’s relationship with India has been strained after Sri Lanka decided to withdraw from an agreement to allow India and Japan to manage the East Container Terminal at the Colombo Port. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The war was over more than 10 years ago and westerners want to talk about Human Right. Speaking about the past, we should talk about the human right of native Indians being massacred by Europeans few hundred years ago, which today become USA. Or Aborigins’ human right which today becomes Australia.

  2. From the mouth, India always says to support SL. But from the action, India always asks for big strings in-return for a small favour. SL currently needs money, not free but just a loan. India thinks with $400 million it can outsmart Chinese’s $billions if India mixes it with Tamil issue and some unproven-efficacy Covid vaccines. That’s why the $400 million was returned and ECT got canceled. Now if India wants WCT, it has to come out with $1 billion. $400 million doesn’t work anymore. And don’t worry about the Tamil issue, China and Russia are the permanent member of UN security council. It can only disturb SL, won’t hurt.

  3. If you have a little geopolitical knowledge, you would know who was behind the Asia’s longest brutal civil war and Easter Sunday bombings. The Rajapaksas are scared to punish the perpetrators, because the leaders concern about their own safety. Sri Lanka has too many fools, the perpetrators will use those fools again. The Indian leaders think that they are the experts in divide and conquer strategy. If China takes divide and conquer strategy seriously instead of Belt and Road Initiatives, that will be end of India.

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