UNP puts its weight behind DIG Bimshani Arachchi

The United National Party (UNP) has extended its support to the first female Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) in Sri Lanka, Bimshani Jasin Arachchi, following objections raised over her promotion as the DIG Police Welfare.

Nearly 32 Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs) have filed a fundamental rights (FR) petition against the promotion awarded to DIG Jasin Arachchi.

Commenting on the matter, former UNP Provincial Councillor Shanthini Kongahage extended her party’s support to the police officer who is currently facing opposition to her promotion.

Speaking to reporters in Kandy, Kongahage explained that under the UNP Government, the 19th Amendment was introduced, which enabled the National Police Commission (NPC) to operate free of political influence.

“It was this Police Commission that decided that officer Jasin Arachchi warranted a promotion to the post of DIG,” she said.

Highlighting the experience and professional conduct that officer Jasin Arachchi has demonstrated throughout her career, Kongahage expressed her confidence that the DIG would continue to carry out her duties to the best of her ability.

Concerns have also been raised on the lack of women’s representation in decision-making positions within the state system.

Kongahage reiterated the UNP’s support for equal opportunity afforded to women, while questioning as to why there was organised opposition to the appointment of the country’s first female DIG.

“Sri Lankans proudly promote the fact that we elected the world’s first female Prime Minister. However, since then, we have fallen behind in ensuring that equal opportunity and representation is afforded to women. DIG Jasin Arachchi has achieved much and she must be encouraged and not opposed,” she said.

Kongahage urged the Government to ensure that all women are afforded opportunities that are enjoyed by their male counterparts, which will result in a sizeable increase in the representation of women in decision-making positions. (Colombo Gazette)