Opposition questions failure to table report on political victimisation

The Opposition today (18) questioned the Government’s failure to table the report submitted on incidents of political victimisation, in Parliament.

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Leader MP Sajith Premadasa told reporters that despite multiple requests, the Government has refused to publicise the report.

The final report by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PCoI) appointed to probe incidents of political victimisation has been handed over to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

MP Premadasa said the Government has refused to table the report in Parliament, disregarding repeated requests by the Opposition, and is also refusing to nominate a date to debate the matter in Parliament.

“The Government keeps on promising to provide a date to debate the report after submitting it to Parliament, which they clearly do not intend to do at present,” the MP charged.

He pointed out that apart from the PCoI, a special Presidential Task Force was appointed and the Task Force had submitted a report within three months of its appointment to take future measures based on the report.

Premadasa questioned as to why the Government was delaying tabling the first PCoI report in Parliament, why they are failing to legally publicise the report, and what they are attempting to conceal through this action.

Stating that the report contains very important information that should be revealed to the public, Premadasa questioned as to why the Government is fears exposing the report.

He further said the Government has now commenced attacking Opposition politicians who constantly keep exposing the Government’s shortcomings, and corrupt and fraudulent practices.

The Opposition Leader pointed out that this was a violation of the fundamental rights of the Opposition politicians.

Premadasa further said the Government’s attempts to delay the tabling of the report on political victimisation in Parliament is also a violation of the rights of the politicians in Sri Lanka.

“This is an act of violation of democracy, and is being done with a view to abolish the rights of the Opposition politicians,” he said.

Premadasa, therefore, urged the Government to table the report on political victimisation at the next sitting of Parliament.

The MP also called on the Government to set a date to debate the report one week after its submission.

The SJB Leader further urged the Government to refrain from fear-mongering actions aimed at the Opposition and to publicise the report on political victimisation. (Colombo Gazette)