Online prepaid transit card for passenger transport

The Government is to introduce an online prepaid transit card system for public transport.

A proposal in this regard received Cabinet approval.

Cabinet co-spokesman Udaya Gammanpila said that the proposed system will help resolve several issues.

He said that passengers have at times complained of not receiving their balance when travelling in public transport.

The Minister said that the prepaid transit card system will help resolve that issue.

A monitoring committee with representatives from all institutions relevant to the Transport Ministry was initially appointed in October 2018 to implement the project introducing the online prepaid transit card for public transportation.

The project was to be launched for passengers to use the online pre-paid transit card on public buses and trains across the country with an objective to avoid inconveniences caused by physical monetary exchanges.

Accordingly, Lanka Clear (Pvt.) Ltd, a 100% local company affiliated to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, with the latter’s approval, has submitted a proposal for the proposed online prepaid transit card project.

Cabinet has thereby granted approval for the proposal submitted by the Transport Minister to take necessary measures for the implementation of the project and utilization of the online pre-paid transit card for public transportation in Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)