Quickee.lk and Durex offer climactic delivery service

Protection and pleasure are now available at the click of a button, thanks to a delightful tie-up between Quickee.lk and Durex, to deliver Durex products at customers’ doorsteps without having to leave homes. The unique partnership kicks off with an exciting promotion in the run up to Valentine’s Day. Deliveries of Durex Performa, Fetherlite and Extra Safe will be undertaken by Quickee with FREE delivery for the 1st 100 orders within the Quickee delivery grid that covers Colombo 1-15 and immediate suburbs, within the hour! The promotion will run for one month from the 11th of February. Customers can order via; www.quickee.lk / call 0117-324-325 / WhatsApp 077QUICKEE for orders from 9am – 3am 365days a year!

Amorous couples need not delay their pleasure any longer and can enjoy instant gratification (within an hour while they set the mood) with Quickee’s promise – ‘Convenience. Delivered’ – to ensure they enjoy safe and pleasurable sex without having to rush to a store or having to end a promising evening with an anti-climax.

This strategic partnership with Durex by Reckitt Benckiser is the first high-profile corporate partnership for EFL 3PL after its recent management takeover of Quickee.lk, which marks a new business vertical for the reputed 3PL company.

Commenting further, Leroy, Chief Growth Officer, EFL 3PL and Quickee.lk said,We are excited about this first official partnership with Durex since the 3PL takeover, mainly because of the brand compatibility to deliver gratification without delay. The tongue-in-cheek and youthfulness persona of the promotion makes it a match made in heaven, and I believe it truly unlocks brand potential to achieve the positioning we want for the Quickee.lk brand. Whether it is a ‘quickee’ that customers seek or long periods of pleasure, this promotion fulfills both fantasies.”

Adding further, Mariam, Founder, Quickee.lk Delivery Solutions said, “This partnership with Durex reignites the true spirit of Quickee.lk which is and has always been a trend-setter by going beyond the traditional ecommerce models by offering Rapid Express Delivery, within the hour, to brands and businesses who are used to having only 2-5-day delivery, thereby enabling them to exploit last mile as not only a necessity but a strategic advantage – by offering that much more value to their end consumers.”

Inspired by its tagline, ‘Love Sex, Durex’, the Durex is proactively raising its voice against sexual stigmas, taboos and non-inclusive attitudes with the aim of showcasing the ‘positive reality’ of modern-day sex. By normalising home delivery of condoms, just like food, clothing or electronics, Quickee.lk too is demonstrating that it can deliver almost everything in quick time. More importantly, it is delivered ‘discreetly’, so nosy neighbours have no idea of how you plan to spend your day or night!

Explaining further, Amaya, Brand Manager, Durex said, “We live in a time where everything is delivered to our doorsteps within hours – so we thought why not condoms too? The aim of this partnership is to enable users to order condoms when in urgent situations directly to them anywhere in Colombo, within 60 minutes. We firmly believe that this service will become highly successful in Sri Lanka and that consumers will find it to be really helpful. We hope this service we are launching in partnership with Quickee.lk will benefit many condom emergencies!”

Having safe and consensual sex – wherever you want and whenever your want – contributes towards the overall health and wellbeing of people, and even more so, during the stressful times brought about by the global pandemic.