Catholic Archbishop calls for probe on self-proclaimed pastors

Roman Catholic Archbishop of Colombo, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith today called for an investigation on self-proclaimed pastors.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith urged the Government to investigate the local and foreign source of funding for the pastors.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop also said that the authorities must investigate the standards and qualifications of these pastors.

“This is not freedom of religion. This will only destroy religious unity in this country,” he said.

He said that the Catholic Church does not accept these pastors and condemns their activities.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said the pastors target mainly businessmen, sports personalities and others.

He said the pastors promote teachings contrary to Christian teachings including a life full of wealth.

The Archbishop also noted that humans will die one day and cannot avoid sicknesses by taking any shortcuts.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith urged Catholics in Sri Lanka not to accept or follow the teachings of pastors.

He said that even if these pastors claim to be Christians they are not part of the Roman Catholic church. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Wasn’t Jesus a self-proclaimed messiah? Wasn’t Buddha a self-proclaimed spiritual philosopher? Wasn’t Mohammad a self-proclaimed prophet?

  2. Cardinal Malcom Ranjith often comes up with anti protestant Christian statements like Pope Francis.

    1. Jesus healed all who were sick and came for healing. Further Jesus was beaten up and He bled on the cross. The Bible says by His stripes we were healed. Therefore Jesus amongst other things died for the healing of his followers and believers.

    When Malcolm Ranjith makes a statement “humans will die one day of sickness and cannot take shortcuts”. A person who read the bible and believed by faith that Jesus by his grace can and is ready to heal any sickness, even covid19 infections, if a person believed and asked God to heal him. Millions of people have been healed. and will be healed. Absolute evidence is available everywhere.

    The problem with Catholism is, they still do not believe that “Just shall live by faith” but protestants beleve and God rewards the sick with abundant grace. Martin Luther exposed this truth.

    2. God created man to prosper in every area of life, including wealth, by His grace as long as wealth is not to promote greed but to take care of the poor and spend on spreading the Kingdom of God. God gave wealth to Job and King Solomon. Man fails to understand that wealth is not for selfish greed especially the Sri Lankans because there is lack of truthful Bible teaching.

    I would like to know if the catholic churches all over the world were built without wealth !

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