US envoy questions poor coverage of P2P protest by Colombo media

The United States (US) Ambassador to Sri Lanka has questioned the poor coverage of the Pottuvil to Point Pedro (P2P) protest by the by Colombo-based media.

Ambassador Alaina B. Teplitz tweeted saying a peaceful protest is an important right in any democracy.

She also said that significant and legitimate concerns should be heard.

“I saw Tamil media coverage of the march from Pottuvil to Point Pedro and wondered why it was not more widely covered by Colombo-based media?” the Ambassador tweeted.

Tamils in the North-East staged the massive protest last week to drawn attention to several of their demands.

However, Minster of Public Security, Law and Order Sarath Weerasekera said that legal action is to be taken against the protesters.

Speaking on a private television station, Weerasekera said that the vehicles used by the protesters will also be confiscated.

The Minister had already ordered special security provided to Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian M.A Sumanthiran to be withdrawn after he had participated in the protest. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. South Asians trust the West completely, but wise Asians leaders do not trust the West completely. Singapore has a death penalty for drugs, but Sri Lankan does not have laws as Singapore, because Sri Lankans live in illusion that they are equal to the West. Even though the West has been developing its knowledge for the last 700 years. The fact is, the West taught Sri Lankan women to cover their breasts in the 16th century, but the Sri Lankan leaders are pretending they have evolved as the West and creating similar laws, this is nothing but laughable leadership.

    South Asia has two billion people, but what are they good at it?

    Not even one South Asian country became a developed country.

    South Asia does not have a Permanent seat in the United Nation’s Security Council.

    Never hosted Olympic games, last time it won one gold medal at the 2008 Olympic games.

    It doesn’t have even one university rank within 100 in the world.

    But well known for corruption and experts on discriminating their own countrymen on caste, religion, language and gender.

  2. Ambassador Teplitz is “spot 0n”. The media in Sri Lanka is pathetic.

    But what would the US do if a journalist was arrested and held without trial for years; except ‘ blow hot air’ ?

    What is the US doing in Myanmar ? Sweet FA; that’s what the US is doing.

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