Special security provided to Sumanthiran withdrawn

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

The special security assigned for Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP M. A. Sumanthiran has been withdrawn from last evening (7).

MP Sumanthiran told Colombo Gazette that his special security personnel were removed without prior notice and they had been personally informed to withdraw.

The TNA MP said the security personnel were told to withdraw after the completion of the demonstration by Tamil political parties, civil society, and civilians from Pottuvil in Ampara to Polikandy in Jaffna yesterday, in which he had participated.

Sumanthiran said special security was provided to him since January 2014 to date, due to constant threats to his life.

Stating that suspects were arrested following three assassination attempts, pertaining to which there is an ongoing case, MP Sumanthiran said 30 more suspects have been arrested and multiple cases have been filed in various courts in the country.

He said his special security was removed earlier too, during the 52-day political crisis in Sri Lanka in 2018, but Parliament had intervened and restored his security.

The TNA MP further said he is yet to be informed of the decision to remove his special security or on the reasons for the decision.

Sumanthiran added that he has not reached out to authorities on the sudden move. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sumanthiran talks against the government 24/7, at the same time he wants government (Sinhalease) security. This is just a joke. Let Tamils protect him.

    • Without such “Lankan”s, the downward spiralling would not be possible. These folk constantly demonstrate how Sri Lanka is weighed down by inherently evil and anti-democratic forces.


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