Several .lk domains in Sri Lanka come under cyber attack

A cyber attack was launched today on several .lk domains in Sri Lanka.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka said that some .lk domains were affected by a malicious redirection.

The TRC said that the LK Domain registry was in the process of resolving the issue.

“With certain .lk domains currently being affected by a malicious redirection, the LK Domain registry is in the process of resolving the issue with TRC & CERT assisting. please contact http://NIC.LK on 0114216061 hotline to report any issue and for support,” TRC said.

Gihan Dias, Domain Registrar at LK Domain said that an issue with the LK Domain registration system arose early in the morning of Saturday, 6th February, which affected a few domains registered in .LK.

This issue was attended to expeditiously, and the matter was resolved by approx. 8.30 a.m, Gihan Dias said.

Gihan Dias said that the .LK DNS system is now functioning normally. However, some names may be cached in systems outside the registry, and may appear until the cache expires.

“We are currently investigating the issue, and will report as soon as concrete information is available,” Gihan Dias said.

Gihan Dias said that if the public need any further information or assistance, they can contact LK Domain registry on the hotline +94 114 216061 or e-mail (Colombo Gazette)


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