School children among 100,000 drug addicts in Sri Lanka

School children are among 100,000 drug addicts in Sri Lanka, the Police said today.

Police Spokesman, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Ajith Rohana said nearly 100,000 people were addicted to drugs in Sri Lanka at present.

He said that among them a majority have been identified as youth and school children.

DIG Ajith Rohana said as a result, discussions were held on launching a special long-term operation to prevent school children from getting addicted to narcotics.

An intense discussion was held on the programme between the Ministries of Public Security and Education today.

He said the discussion focused on including the special operation as part of the Education Ministry’s policy. This programme will focus on preventing students from obtaining drugs while in school, and from society after leaving school.

DIG Ajith Rohana said it will be launched in the near future with a view to reduce the drug menace in the country and to safeguard school children.

The Police Spokesman further said the discussion held today was presided by Minister of Public Security Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera, Ministry Secretary Retd Major General Jagath Alwis, and Inspector General of Police C.D. Wickramaratne.

Representatives of the Education Ministry, National Cadet Co, Sri Lanka Red Cross, Sri Lanka Scout Association also participated in the discussion. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Thanks to India. Clearly, India is giving pressure through multiple ways. I believe that Sri Lankans are very resilient people and they can withstand India’s tricks.

  2. If there are only 100,000 drug addicts in a population of 22 million, it would be amazing. It could even be viewed as a success story.

    But the amount of drugs being detected, indicates that the problem is much more serious than that. It also indicates that Sri Lanka is a major hub in the worldwide distribution of heroin.


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