US, Sri Lanka discuss human rights issue 

By Easwaran Rutnam 

The United States and Sri Lanka have had talks on the human rights issue and other related matters.

The matters were discussed between the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Alaina Teplitz and Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena yesterday.

Both sides also discussed the investment outlook and opportunities in Sri Lanka.

“They discussed the status of Sri Lanka’s domestic human rights, reconciliation and accountability efforts; cooperation to counter terrorism  and transnational crime; and the investment outlook and opportunities in Sri Lanka,” US Embassy Spokesperson Nancy Van Horn  told Daily Mirror.

The meeting took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Just last week Teplitz told reporters in Colombo that the Joe Biden administration in the United States will maintain the push on the human rights issue in Sri Lanka.

The US Ambassador had said that it was too early to say if the US will rejoin the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva.

However, she asserted the US will continue to work with other countries to ensure there is real peace in Sri Lanka.


  1. Ambassador Teplitz is a woman of goodwill. Unfortunately the hypocrisy of the United States is well documented.

    Fighting insurgents with Marquis of Queensberry rules probably explains why the USA has not successfully concluded a war since the 2nd World War.

    Perhaps more severed heads on TV will convince the USA of the futility of their : “We are better than them policy.”

    Hopefully the Sri Lankan government won’t be pressured into adopting the same lunatic strategy, and consequently get many of us killed.

  2. The Americans don’t live on their own country but became champions of human rights. Ask Julian Assange about America’s human rights abuses, he has plenty to say.

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