DropOff.lk launches services in Sri Lanka

DropOff.lk an online grocery store, recently launched their services to cater to the ever-growing need for home delivery of quality grocery and other household items for the Western province, primarily Colombo and its suburbs.

DropOff.lk provides a user-friendly platform, easily accessible via mobile and desktop. With an inventory of thousands of products, including fruits & vegetables, dairy, fish & meat, beverages, toiletries & grooming, cleaning products, baby products and even pet food, DropOff.lk is one of Sri Lanka’s largest inventoried household and grocery purchase sites.

The site also features an inventory of all types of products from mainstream to homemade products making them a truly unique online retailer with a selection no other platform or supermarket is yet to offer.

Founded by Nipuna Lokuhetty and Asita Kuruppu – the brand guarantees to offer customers the freshest and best in quality produce available in the market. Based on the duo’s combined experience both locally and internationally (starting up bring24.com – a german-based online grocery store) the brand stands out amongst the myriad of online retailers for their internationally recognised purchase, handling and storage standards of products; such as packing meats and frozen goods with gel ice in iceboxes to ensure optimum quality of the product is maintained.

Speaking with Nipuna Lokuhetty – Director, Drop Off (Pvt) Ltd – “Navigating the crowds of Colombo – to shop for fresh produce, packaged goods and household essentials is not as easy as imagined – or liked, by many of us. It is widely agreed that shopping after a hard day’s work or putting it onto the weekend to-do list is the last thing any of us want to spend time doing, considering the implications on time, energy and money – that’s where dropoff.lk comes in. DropOff.lk bridges the gap where a platform of its calibre is needed to cater to the demand of products a traditional supermarket would have, including gourmet & artisanal products. A customer shopping via our site would definitely use this as a one-stop-shop, without having to go elsewhere to fulfil their household needs.”

As Colombo begins to show a spike in dependency for delivery, online services and e-commerce focused retail, platforms such as dropoff.lk and other essential goods providers continue to thrive, offering innovative solutions, competitive pricing and faster delivery to doorstep.

Concluding, Asita Kuruppu – Director, Drop Off (Pvt) Ltd stated “With the immense growth the brand received during 2020, DropOff.lk has and continues to play a large role aiding those affected by the recent unprecedented times, particularly during the lockdowns. The last year has represented the future of household purchasing trends, grocery purchase platforms and above all, the importance of convenience.

Whilst Dropoff.lk is available via whatsapp for customers to purchase directly from the online store; they have also recently partnered with Ubereats and PickMe, allowing customers to select from over 4,000 available products – making it the largest store selection on both delivery platforms to deliver within 30 minutes.