Sri Lankans travelling to Pakistan do not need PCR test report

Sri Lankans travelling to Pakistan will not be required to present a PCR test report when arriving in the country, Pakistani authorities said.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan has issued a revised travel advisory for incoming passengers, GEO news reported.

The CAA has divided the countries into three categories (A, B and C) with different instructions for COVID-19 testing prior to travel.

Category A has 24 countries including Australia, China, Iraq, New Zealand, Qatar, Iceland, Sri Lanka, and Saudi Arabia, while Category C has six countries, namely, South Africa, United Kingdom, Brazil, Ireland, Portugal and The Netherlands.

Category B includes all those countries which fall neither under A or C.

According to CAA, passengers from countries in category A will not need to provide PCR test reports, while passengers from Category B will now need to show a PCR test which is 72 hours old at the most.

The entry of passengers from Category C states is restricted and only allowed as guided by the decisions of the National Command and Operations Centre. (Colombo Gazette)


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