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Fairfirst Insurance Limited hosts Niranjan Nagendra Memorial Award Ceremony in conjunction with the Sri Lanka Insurance Brokers Association (SLIBA) at Waters Edge.

The Niranjan Nagendra Memorial Award is an initiative by Fairfirst to showcase the depth of talent of broker professionals in Sri Lanka whilst affirming its essential role in supporting the industry. Organised since 2018, this event is in recognition of showcasing a continued support of one of the pioneers in the general insurance market and a close companion amongst the broker community, Mr Niranjan Nagendra.

The Award is a way of nurturing and recognizing great talent by awarding the most promising broker professionals in Sri Lanka who work tirelessly to bridge the protection gap by catering to the insurance needs of corporates, SME’s and individuals so that the economy and the community can progress through life’s uncertainties.

In this light, the award pays close attention to individuals who have gone above and beyond in educating and servicing customers, taken an innovative approach in insurance and those who have demonstrated modernisation.

Hosted by Fairfirst Insurance, the awards ceremony held at Waters Edge in conjunction with the Sri Lanka Insurance Brokers Association (SLIBA), introduced a new category – “Emerging Insurance Broker Professional of the Year 2020” in addition to the existing award title of “Young Insurance Broker Professional of the Year 2020”. The decision to introduce a new title was a way of awarding even greater credibility to performers who are passionate and optimistic about their role in helping the economy and the community thrive.

With much celebration and pride, the recipient of the “Emerging Insurance Broker Professional of the Year 2020” was awarded to Mr Izree Shehan Manager Operations – Corporate at George Steuart Insurance Brokers. Whilst building a good rapport with insurers and the insureds alike through a dependable profession, he has in the past two years implemented a property insurance portfolio with many big corporates. He has also assisted in the smooth and successful transition of a physical workplace to a virtual workplace as a means of adapting to the new normal.

On the other hand, the recipient of the “Young Insurance Broker Professional of the Year 2020” was awarded to Mr Mohomad Hussain Sadik Mohomad Musthaq, Manager Special Projects at ADZ Insurance Brokers. Having acquired a thorough knowledge of insurance markets in Maldives and Bangladesh, Mr Mohomad has also contributed towards the implementation of the role of Account Manager at his current working place and currently provides technical support to the company’s Maldives operation.

Commenting on the recent occasion, Mr Sanjay Siriwardena, Chief Sales Officer stated, “We have been working very closely with the Broker community and will do so into the future as well. This award is an apt way of demonstrating the insurance needs of the community. I would also like to congratulate the winners and wish them and the rest of the Insurance Broker community an optimistic start to a new year.”

Further commenting on this occasion, Mr. Nalin Dharmasinghe, President SLIBA states, “Broker Professionals play an essential role in helping the community and the economy thrive. I wish the winners of the Niranjan Nagendra Awards 2020 all the best and the rest of the Broker professionals a successful new year to becoming pioneers at what they do best.”

Fairfirst Insurance Limited, is part of the global Fairfax Group. The Group is a leading property and casualty insurer, reinsurer and investment manager, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Fairfirst is today among the top general insurance companies of Sri Lanka and is recognised as the only Sri Lankan company amongst the 2020 Top insurance global giants in Asia-Pacific. Fairfirst serves individuals, businesses and institutions across this beautiful island through a versatile workforce spread across the comprehensive branch network, affinity partners and brokers in Sri Lanka.