appiGo’s ecommerce platform helps you build your own online store

Leveraging on the rising adoption of ecommerce, Sri Lanka’s newest ecommerce platform, appiGo, was launched to empower businesses to create their own online store. appiGo is backed by the pioneering software and mobile solutions company, hSenid Mobile Solutions.

appiGo supports businesses to grow, as it gives businesses a platform to build their own online store and simultaneously offers customers a simple and convenient way to make purchases. It is akin to other popular retail apps but the key differentiator is that a customer can access the customer centre and the business owners own their own customer data. This kind of application usually costs thousands of rupees, but appiGo aims to charge the customer only a small commission less than 5%, joining fee along with a monthly fee.

Commenting on the idea behind the ecommerce platform, the CEO of hSenid, Dinesh Saparamadu said, “appiGo was conceptualized as an online platform that will specifically benefit businesses by offering business owners access to a data base to enable them to connect directly with their customer, carry out promotions or even conduct any analytics they require. Having an online presence has become essential for more businesses looking to expand their reach. Now brick and mortar stores can have their own online store and provide an Offline-2-Online (O2O) experience to their customers. appiGo is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses who want to optimize costs. Ultimately, appiGo aims to support businesses to own their own space and eventual online destiny.

appiGo is driven by the aim to be 100% customer centric – and in the near future plans to open its own Customer Centre at Ward Place, which will be open from 10 am to 10 pm to serve customers.

About appiGo Pvt. Ltd.

appiGo is an all-Sri Lankan brand, helping move local businesses and communities forward in the right direction. A part of the hSenid family that works to empower businesses around the world, the appiGo vision is about helping every Sri Lankan business have an online store.

In today’s complex landscape, getting customers to come to you is a near impossibility and delivery aggregators charge such high commissions that getting your products and services to a customer isn’t always profitable. This is where appiGo comes in, no hidden agendas, enabling your business to keep moving forward in the good times and the bad.

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