Grace period for consumers in isolated areas to pay electricity bills

The Cabinet has granted a 6-month grace period to consumers in isolated areas, for over 14 days, to settle their outstanding electricity bills.

The grace period has been announced for domestic, commercial, and industrial electricity consumers affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Cabinet of Ministers announced special relief for citizens on electricity, on the requests of the Ministers of Power and Tourism.

The Minister of Tourism has also requested for relief to settle water bills for establishments engaged in the tourism industry that were affected as a result of the Covid-19 outbreaks.

Thereby, the Cabinet has announced a 6-month grace period from the date on which the electricity bill was issued. Electricity supply will not be disrupted for domestic, commercial, and industrial consumers within areas isolated for more than 14 days continuously, in order for them to settle the bills pertaining to the specific period.

The Cabinet has permitted film theatres registered under the National Film Corporation to settle electricity bills from March to December 2020 in 12 equal instalments from the date of the relevant bill and avoid interruption of electricity supply until the settlement of the bill.

Inns registered under the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) have also been permitted to settle electricity and water bills from 1 March 2020 and on or before 28 February 2021, until which time power supply will not be disrupted.

The Government had earlier too announced various relief measures for consumers to settle outstanding electricity and water bills during the first wave of the coronavirus from March 2020. (Colombo Gazette)