Body of Muslim cleared of Covid infection buried after 25 days

By Farook Sihan 

The body of a Muslim man from Sainthamaruthu, cleared of being infected with the coronavirus, has been buried after 25 days.

The body had been kept at the Ashraff Memorial Hospital in Kalmunai after the hospital authorities refused to release it.

The hospital had insisted that the man had died as a result of the coronavirus but the family disputed the claim.

The man had been admitted to the Ashraff Memorial Hospital last month and he died while in hospital.

The hospital had said that an antigen test found that he was infected with the coronavirus.

However, a PCR test had found that the man was not infected.

PCR tests conducted on 125 close contacts of the victim also returned negative results.

However, the Ashraff Memorial Hospital refused to release the body to be buried.

The family had then sought the assistance of Kalmunai Mayor, M.A, Rakeeb.

The Mayor filed a petition in court and the court had ordered the release of the body. (Colombo Gazette)