Human rights group demands justice for Christian girl killed in Pakistan

A human rights group has demanded justice for Ishal Afzal, a Christian girl child, killed after abduction in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP), in a media release, said that Ishal was abducted by unknown assailants while she was playing outside her house in the Liaqat Town of Faisalabad

Ishal’s father Afzal Masih, with their Church Pastor Sohail Masih, visited the HRFP office and shared details with the legal team and moved sessions court in Faisalabad against the brutal murder of her daughter.

“HRFP’s fact findings team visited the site of the incident and came to know that Ishal Afzal went missing on 06 January at around 8:30 am when she was playing just outside the house”, said a release.

The family also registered a complaint in Saddar Police Station at Faisalabad’s Jaranwala Road. The police recovered the body of Ishal near the area’s pond the following day.

“The initial medical reports show that she was murdered somewhere five hours earlier before getting swabs after possibly rape attempts. Police interrogated 2 suspects, but both were released”, said the HRFP release.

Naveed Walter, president of the HRFP, said that the case is an addition in numbering abductions of Christian, Hindu and girls of other minority communities.

“Latest figures of girls’ abductions have reached eight to 10 cases a day”, said Walter.

He appealed to the community to look after the minors and stop easy access of strangers to their concerned areas and homes.

Naveed Walter further said that authorities have failed to stop the abductions, rape and killing of minor girls from the minority community. (ANI)


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