President warns he can return to his old self

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa today warned that he can return to his old self, to what he was when he was Defence Secretary.

Speaking in Ampara today the President said that some opposition Parliamentarians like Harin Fernando are making various allegations against him.

He rebuked the opposition over the manner in which it behaves in Parliament.

The President said that he has two characters, one seen when he was Defence Secretary and the other seen now as President.

Rajapaksa said that there are calls for him to return to the character he had when he was Defence Secretary.

“They want me to be firm. I can do that,” he said.

The President reminded those who attended the event in Ampara that when he was Defence Secretary the LTTE attempted to assassinate him.

However he said he brought an end to the LTTE by ensuring the LTTE leader was killed.

“I am prepared for anything,” he warned.

The President however asserted that he wants to work for the people by addressing their issues. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Mr President, Intellectuals have supported you and people have voted for you, because of your achievements as the Defence Secretary. However, now you are saying that you want to be a politician, you are betraying the people who have trusted you.

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