Online learning could have a negative impact

By Easwaran Rutnam

Online learning could have a long-term impact on the health of children, health experts said.

Dr. Miyuru Chandradasa, a specialist in child mental health and behavioral problems said that giving a child a smartphone could lead to screen addiction.

He said that screen addiction can affect the mental health of children in the long term.

Dr. Chandradasa said that medical research had found that children watching a lot of cartoons and playing video games lose their concentration levels.

This then results in children not being able to focus a lot when reading books in schools.

“This can have a big impact on their education,” he said.

He also said that children who were used to learning in front of their teacher with fellow students around, are now getting used to seeing the teacher on the screen.

Dr. Chandradasa said that this could result in children being unable to stick to a schedule when school resumes. (Courtesy Daily Mirror)


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