Five coronavirus patients escape from Gallella treatment facility

Five coronavirus infected patients escaped from the Gallella treatment facility, the Police said today.

The Police said that the five patients are infected prisoners who had been admitted to the Gallella treatment facility in Polonnaruwa.

A search operation was launched to locate the five patients who had escaped from the treatment facility this morning.

A number of patients have escaped over the past couple of months but have eventually been found.

Earlier this month a Covid patient escaped from the National Hospital for Respiratory Diseases in Welisara.

The 43-year-old Covid patient was later found in Maradana.

Last month a woman escaped from the Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH) in Angoda. She was subsequently found.

Also last month another patient had attempted to escape from the Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH) in Angoda but was arrested.

In October a coronavirus infected patient escaped from the Kosgama hospital. He was also later found. (Colombo Gazette)


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