Contacts of infected Ukrainians quarantined

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

Contacts of the three Ukrainian tourists who tested positive for COVID-19 are currently placed in quarantine, the Health Ministry said.

Health Services Deputy Director Dr. Hemantha Herath told Colombo Gazette that as the tourists are already under quarantine in designated hotels, no special arrangements will be required for the contacts of the infected tourists.

He said those in quarantine will be permitted to move around within the hotel premises.

The three infected Ukrainian tourists are part of the first batch of tourists who arrived in Sri Lanka since the Coronavirus pandemic in March.

A group of 185 tourists from Ukraine arrived in Sri Lanka on Monday (28), while the second batch of 204 Ukrainian tourists arrived yesterday.

The tourists have been placed in designated hotels and will be allowed to visit tourist attractions in a travel bubble under the pilot project launched from Monday by the Government to reopen Sri Lanka for tourism.

Health Services Deputy Director Dr. Hemantha Herath said tourists arriving in Sri Lanka will undergo arrival and exit PCR tests in Sri Lanka and the Ukrainian tourists in the country have been subjected to the tests.

He said the Ukrainians have arrived in Sri Lanka for 14-days will be allowed to tour local attractions if their PCR test returns negative. They will move around in a travel bubble and will be dispatched to their nations after completing their holiday under the travel bubble system.

For those who extend their stay beyond 14-days. Dr. Hemantha Herath said they will be subjected to a PCR test around the 10th day of their extension.

He said they will only be allowed into society if their PCR test results return negative.

Tourists from multiple countries are scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka in the coming days. (Colombo Gazette)


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