Rear Admiral Ananda Peiris takes over Lak Sathosa

Rear Admiral Ananda Peiris has been appointed as the new Chairman of State-owned Lak Sathosa.

Rear Admiral Ananda Pieris replaces former Chairman Nushad Perera, who was appointed to the position in January, 2020.

Perera has been appointed as the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Standards Institute (SLSI).

Meanwhile, Venura Gunawardena has been appointed as the Chairman of the Co-operative Wholesale Establishment (CWE).

The appointments were announced by the Ministry of Trade today. 

Trade Minister Bandula Gunawradena told Colombo Gazette that forensic audits will be conducted into alleged fraudulent activities that took place in both the Lak Sathosa and CWE during the period of the former government.

Minister Bandula Gunawardena said the probe is being conducting in order for him as the subject Minister to understand a clear picture of the current status of the State –owned institutions.

He further said new appointments were made to the Lak Sathosa and CWE as a result of the forensic probes launched into the activities of the institutions, adding that further details in this regard will be notified to the media next week. (Colombo Gazette)